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Comfort Keepers Offers 24 Hour Home Care in Vacaville, CA

Around the clock care keeps seniors safe day and night

Comfort Keepers has been in the business of providing top-notch 24 hour home care across the country for two decades now. If your loved one is considering moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility but would rather stay in their own home, consider how Comfort Keepers of Fairfield, CA could be of use to them in Vacaville, CA.

Most seniors decide for 24 hour home care if they are in need of specialized care after a major medical event or are facing a progressive disease like Alzheimer's or dementia

We developed our wide range of services keeping the independence of seniors in mind. 24 hour home care is there to improve a senior's quality of life. We work with each senior as an individual to find a plan that best works for them.

No matter what your loved one is suffering from, we can be there for them and assist with all non-medical aspects of living. For example, if your loved one is struggling with insomnia, having a caregiver around at nighttime can make a huge difference. If we take into consideration the significant increase in safety, it seems like enough. However, a caregiver can help your loved one ease the symptoms of their sleep issues. This can include any number of things like brewing herbal tea, taking a hot bath, or developing another relaxing bedtime ritual that will help your loved one go to sleep and stay asleep.

Having a caregiver around will also give you peace of mind because you will rest easy knowing there will be someone there to react quickly in case of emergency. 24 hour home care professionals are well trained and know what to do should an emergency arise. The reality of old age is that we do need to think about these things.

 Seniors who sleepwalk also find 24 hour home care to be immensely beneficial. The risk of falling is significantly higher at night precisely because all of us are less aware and alert during the night leaving significant room for accidents. However, sleepwalking is particularly dangerous because seniors, who are already much weaker than the average person will be completely unconscious and unaware of their actions in this case.

To find out more about 24 hour home care that is available in your area please give us a call. We can help you figure out if non-medical senior care is the right option for your loved one.

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