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Comfort Keepers Offers Personal Care Services In Fairfield, CA

Promote confidence through hygiene and personal care

To maximize independence in seniors and older adults, our professional caregivers provide two types of services as part of our main home care program, including companion care and personal care services. When it comes to the latter, it is important to stress that our care providers are not just fully qualified to provide assistance with personal care and hygiene, they are also trained to perform these services with dignity and respect, minimizing any embarrassment or discomfort.

Our personal care services include a number of services that can boost your loved one’s quality of life, such as:

Bathing, Grooming & Hygiene

One of the first signs that a senior may need home care is failing to take proper care of their hygiene. Our caregivers can help your loved one maintain good hygiene and feel better about themselves and their appearance. If your senior mom or dad has mobility issues or health problems that make it very difficult to get in and out of the bathtub, our team of experts can offer assistance with bathing and also suggest fall proofing the bathroom with grab bars and non-slip mats. We can also provide assistance with personal care activities such as brushing teeth, shaving, applying makeup, combing, and more.

Mobility Assistance

Our personal care services include assistance with improving mobility. These services can help seniors who use walkers or canes regain some independence in their daily lives. We can also assist older adults with limited mobility due to a recent injury or medical procedure. Our caregivers can develop light exercise routines for your loved one, based on their health and abilities. If possible, our care providers will gladly keep your senior mom or dad company during short walks around the neighborhood, which can additionally boost your loved one’s mobility and balance.

Transferring & Positioning

An important part of our mobility assistance services, transferring and positioning can provide extra comfort to seniors who are bedridden or use a wheelchair. These services can prevent many health complications, including pressure areas on the skin, muscle deterioration, and poor digestion.

Toileting & Incontinence Care

Our caregivers understand that these two personal care services require a lot of sensitivity and empathy. Many seniors are uncomfortable with asking for help with toileting or incontinence care, but our care providers all underwent comprehensive training in order to provide care of the highest quality while reducing any unease.

Feeding & Special Diet

Seniors who cannot feed themselves can eat a well-balanced diet with the help of our care experts. Our caregivers can make sure that your loved one eats their prescribed or recommended diet in order to improve health and prevent further medical complications.

To learn more about our personal care services, please call our office in Fairfield, CA, today! We are here for your family!

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