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Help for Seniors Includes Assistance with Grocery & Home Shopping in Vacaville, CA

Comfort Keepers can shop for groceries, home goods, and personal hygiene items to provide help for seniors at home

Both malnourishment and obesity are conditions that can develop in seniors as a result of eating an inadequate diet. Due to other health problems that occur in senior years, older adults may find it difficult to go to the local supermarket and carry back home healthy ingredients. In such cases, seniors may turn to unhealthy food choices such as frozen or fast foods, which can further worsen their condition.

To offer help for seniors living in Vacaville, CA, our home care services include grocery and home shopping, which can improve your loved one’s quality of life and allow them to take better care of themselves. Our grocery/home shopping services begin with your aging parent or relative making a list of the groceries and other home items they need. After completing the list, our caregivers will go to the local store and purchase whatever needed. If your loved one feels like going out of the house or would prefer to do their shopping on their own, they can go to the store together with their chosen caregiver.

Going outside to shop is an excellent way for seniors to get some fresh air and stay connected with their local community. This is why our help for seniors in Vacaville, CA, encourages older adults to take an active role in this service, reaping both the physical and mental benefits of going outdoors on a regular basis.

Our caregiver will:

  • Get your loved one ready for the outing
  • Offer assistance with entering and exiting the vehicle
  • Help them navigate the store and reach items
  • Carry their shopping bag from the store to the house
  • Help your loved one place the groceries where they belong

Our help for seniors in Vacaville, CA, is designed to cater to the specific needs of each client, meaning that your loved one can choose when they would like to go shopping, setting the specific time and date, and deciding which stores they would like to visit. For more information about our grocery and home shopping services, please contact us today! If you are ready to take the first step to home care services for your loved one schedule a free in home consultation with us today at (707) 297-3012!


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