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Respite Care Advice: Organization Tips for Family Caregivers

Nov 29, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

One of the keys to being a successful family caregiver is staying organized. By staying organized, you can keep track of your senior’s needs and ensure you don’t miss anything. Respite care professionals offer these organization tips for family caregivers in Fairfield, CA:


Keep a Written Journal of Needs

Write down everything you need to do for your senior loved one. If you bathe them, help them get dressed, and prepare breakfast for them every morning, this information should be noted in a journal. Respite care aides suggest updating this journal whenever there is a change to your senior’s care plan.


Maintain a Calendar

If you are responsible for ensuring your senior visits the doctor and attend social events when necessary, maintaining a calendar is a good idea. You can use a large paper calendar, or create one on your computer, or smartphone. Whatever you decide to do, ensure the calendar is easily accessible.


Reduce Clutter

By reducing the amount of clutter in your home and your senior loved one’s home, you’ll find it easier to stay organized. It can be overwhelming to walk into a home for a clutter and much easier to forget to do something.


Take Advantage of New Senior Technologies

Every day, there are new senior technologies that enter the market. These technologies are designed to make life easier for older adults and their caregivers. Aides who offer respite care suggest home automation, emergency response systems, GPS devices, and medication reminders.


Anticipate Your Senior’s Long-Term Needs

Work with your senior’s medical team to determine their future needs. Do they have a progressive condition that may get worse? Will they need to move to a nursing home in the future? Anticipating your older loved one’s future needs can help you prepare for days, weeks, months, and years ahead.


Keeping a written journal of needs, maintaining a calendar, reducing clutter, taking advantage of new senior technologies, and anticipating your senior’s long-term needs can all help you become an organized family caregiver in Fairfield, CA.

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