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Improving Your Loved One’s Quality Of Life With In Home Caregivers

Jul 25, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Social wellness can be improved upon in seniors by investing in home caregivers

Aging well means looking after the physical, mental, and social aspect of one’s well-being. We can presume that everybody is familiar with the notions of physical and mental wellness, but what about the term – social wellness? Social wellness is described as the ability to communicate and maintain meaningful relationships with other individuals. As people age, it is important to foster positive social engagement that will safeguard against isolation and help improve certain aspects of physical health.

The Importance Of Social Wellness

The majority of older adults go through turbulent life changes in their senior years. Adult children move out to start their own families, spouses, family members or friends may pass away, and arising health problems may make it harder to function independently. Without family, friends or professional caregivers to provide adequate support, these events can lead to loneliness or depression and contribute to the development of chronic health conditions.

However, all this can be avoided when seniors nurture their current relationships and take steps to build new ones. This will allow seniors to maintain a reliable network, improve their social skills, and see how other older adults cope with the challenges of aging.

In addition to this, maintaining social wellness can bring a number of health benefits such as stronger immune system, better quality of sleep, and increased productivity. Professional caregivers would also like to point out that increased socialization can boost cognitive abilities and lower the risk of developing cognitive disorders. Moreover, research shows that socially active older adults have a 70% lower rate of cognitive decline than their less socialized peers.

What Older Adults Can Do To Boost Social Wellness

Some seniors may be reluctant to make efforts that will boost their social wellness as they might not be well informed about the opportunities available in their area. To help your senior mom or dad build and maintain fruitful social connections, professional caregivers recommend the following activities:

  • Volunteering or becoming actively engaged in the community in some other way.
  • Joining a senior center to meet like-minded people.
  • Improving social skills by taking online courses.
  • Adopting an interesting hobby.
  • Inviting friends over for coffee or tea.
  • Finding a part-time job.
  • Joining a senior-friendly exercise group.
  • Visiting a local church, synagogue, temple or another place of worship to sign up for upcoming events.
  • Using popular social media platforms to regularly keep in touch with friends and family.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Our devoted caregivers do not only provide meaningful companionship, they can also offer transportation to and from any place in the area. Whether your loved one wants to visit friends, go to a local senior center or volunteer, we’ll be there to help. If you would like to know more about Comfort Keepers, please call our local office today. We are happy to be of service!

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