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How Care Services Can Help Your Loved One After Knee Or Hip Replacement

Jul 12, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Home care services are essential to having a speedy recovery after any medical procedure

Recovering and regaining independence after knee or hip replacement is a process that may last long and require a lot of patience and energy for both seniors and their families. If your loved one is about to be discharged from a hospital after a knee or hip replacement surgery, there are several things you can do to ensure they make a full recovery in the shortest possible time. These tips include:

Prepare Your Loved One's Home for Recovery

When your loved one returns home, they will not be able to do much on their own. That is why it is important to make modifications to their living space that will allow them maximum comfort. You can prepare a recovery room for your loved one, consider purchasing assistive devices, and arrange that they have all the supplies they need at hand while recovering. If you opt for professional care services, experts can help you make all these changes and also suggest any future modifications that may be required to fall-proof your parent's home.

Provide Assistance with Medication Management

To recover successfully after a surgery, your loved one needs to take their medications as prescribed by their medical team. You need to ensure they are taking the right dose of the right medication at the right time to prevent any health complications. If you are unable to assist with medications at certain parts of the day, it is a good idea to hire a professional caregiver. Expert care services include medication reminders, so you can rest assured your loved one will take their meds properly throughout the duration of their recovery.

Provide Wound Care

Wound care is an essential aspect of recovery after a knee or hip replacement surgery. In addition to changing dressings as advised by your loved one's medical team, you also need to pay attention that their wound does not swell. If you notice swelling or inflammation, you should talk to your parent's doctors immediately.

Help with Daily Tasks & Offer Transportation

As your loved one will not be able to maintain their household while recovering, you should take care of all routine daily tasks, from mail collection and grocery shopping to housekeeping and laundry. If you simply cannot find the time to perform these daily activities due to your job and other responsibilities, you can count on expert caregivers to provide all the services needed. High-quality care services also include incidental transportation, so a professional care provider can drive your loved one to follow-up appointments whenever needed.

Motivate Your Loved One to Follow their Rehab Plan

Engaging in rehab after surgery can greatly improve your loved one's chances of making a full recovery in a relatively short period of time. However, not all seniors are motivated to go through with their rehab plan. If your loved one is in a lot of pain and doesn't see the point of rehab, it is your job to encourage them to give it a shot. While it may be painful and unfruitful in the beginning, rehab will allow them to regain their strength and independence, boosting recovery and preventing additional problems.

Caring for a loved one after knee or hip replacement can be overwhelming. To support your loved one and also maintain balance in your life, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help out. Care services can be provided on a part-time, full-time or live-in basis, so you can choose a care model that best works for your family. 

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