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Care At Home Tips For Senior Skin Protection

May 17, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Developing a skin care routine this summer is important to help protect yourself from the harmful UV rays

With summer almost here, many older Americans take out their daily routine outside and enjoy the beautiful California weather. Although the benefits of spending more time outdoors are numerous, your loved one should be aware of the detrimental effects ample sunlight and high temperatures can have on their health. To help your parent enhance their skin protection and avoid potential skin problems, care at home recommends adhering to this simple set of rules.

Always Use Sunscreen

Without adequate protection, spending too much time outdoors in high temperatures can lead to sunburns, rashes, dryness, and increase the risk of skin cancer. To prevent this, your loved one should apply sunscreen half an hour prior to going out and reapply it every two hours. Care at home experts suggest using products specifically made for aging skin.

Skin Cleansing

Aging skin requires special care, even more so after a long, hot day. With regular skin cleansing, your loved one can remove the buildup of bacteria and debris from their face and body, open up their pores, and maintain healthy-looking skin. 

Use Moisturizing Products

After a soothing shower and skin cleansing, your senior mom or dad’s skin requires ample hydration. Skin in older adults is more sensitive and prone to dryness. By making moisturizer use a part of their after-shower routine, your loved one can keep their skin well-hydrated and prevent dryness, itchiness, and skin-cracking.

Drink Ample Water

Besides its obvious health benefits, drinking ample quantities of water helps detox the body, improves skin complexion, and maintains the pH balance of our skin. To stay well-hydrated, care at home experts recommend creating a habit of drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, even without feeling thirsty.

Avoid Going Out During the Hottest Hours

Your loved one should refrain from unnecessary exposure to sunlight when the sun rays are most intense, especially if they are prone to allergies or have a skin condition. Care at home experts recommend staying indoors from 10am to 4pm when the sun is at its peak. When they have to go out in mid-day, your senior mom or dad should protect themselves as much as they can by applying sunscreen and looking for shade wherever possible.

This spring and summer, your senior mom or dad can avoid skin issues, improve their tan, and keep their skin healthy and fresh-looking by complying with this simple guidelines.  

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