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Promoting The Importance Of Portion Control In Senior Years

Mar 22, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Assisted living focuses on seniors maintaining proper health and diet by using portion controls

Maintaining a healthy weight and improving overall health in senior years can largely depend not only on the quality of food older adults eat but also on the quantity. Seniors who are accustomed to overeating can gain unhealthy pounds and develop numerous health issues as a result. To promote healthy eating habits and emphasize the importance of portion control in senior years, assisted living professionals share the following tips:

Try Not to Skip Meals

Skipping meals is not healthy and almost never leads to anticipated weight loss. In fact, your senior mom or dad is more likely to overindulge and eat more than they should when they skip a meal. Therefore, instead of trying to shed calories by skipping meals and overeating afterwards, assisted living professionals recommend eating three warm meals per day, combined with some healthy snacks in-between.

Nutritious Foods Make All the Difference

A healthy, well-balanced diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, fibers, lean proteins, and whole grains. If your loved one bases their nutrition and meal planning on these ingredients, they are less likely to consume unhealthy, weight-gaining foods or indulge in sweets or salty snacks.

Drink A lot of Water

Besides numerous health benefits, drinking sufficient quantities of water can help your senior mom or dad feel saturated longer, eat less, and prevent overeating. Assisted living professionals recommend older adults drink at least eight big glasses of water per day.

Try Eating from a Smaller Plate

Eating from small plates can also help your parent avoid overeating. This is merely a psychological trick.. When plates are larger, people tend to eat bigger portions and gain weight as a result. Eating from smaller plates can make your senior loved one feel full without eating more than they need and allow them to maintain a healthy weight through portion control.

Use Cups & Scales

Assisted living professionals suggest measuring portions with cups and scales. This can help your senior loved one determine the right size of their meal. An added benefit of using this method is that once they get the hang of it, your loved one can start eyeballing their portions and know exactly how much food they need per meal.

Share Portions at Restaurants

If your senior mom or dad enjoys to dine out frequently, they should consider splitting a meal with a friend or family member since many restaurants serve huge portions. This will prevent them from overeating. When sharing a meal is not an option, they can ask for half of the portion to be packed as a takeaway. This can come handy as your loved one will not have to prepare the next meal when they get back home.

By incorporating these simple guidelines into their daily routine, your senior mom or dad can easily maintain their ideal weight and boost their overall health.

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