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Recognizing the Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease in Seniors

Mar 8, 2018 by Jorge Preciado

Non medical home care services can help seniors manage incontinence and other symptoms of kidney disease

The symptoms of kidney disease are easily ignored as they are often very subtle or resemble other chronic conditions. Unfortunately, failing to diagnose kidney disease on time can have severe health consequences. Non medical home care points out that it is precisely the elusiveness of the symptoms of kidney disease what makes this conditions particularly dangerous.

Therefore, it is of crucial importance to know what the symptoms of this disease are, so that you could react in a timely manner if you or your senior loved one experiences any of the signs. Here’s a short overview of the most common symptoms of kidney disease:

Urination Changes

As kidneys are a part of the urinary system, one of their main roles is to handle urine, so any changes in urination could point to kidney disease. According to non medical home care experts, you or your loved one should pay special attention to urination changes such as bloody urine or foamy urine, as well as troubles urinating or feeling an overwhelming need to urinate throughout the night.

Fatigue and Weakness

When the kidneys start to deteriorate, waste in the blood starts building up and the body also fails to produce enough red blood cells, which results in a condition called anemia, often causing feelings of extreme weakness or fatigue.


It is not uncommon for people with kidney disease or anemia to feel cold all the time, even when they are surrounded by warmth. Kidney infection is known to cause fever and chills as well.

Feet and Ankle Swelling

Sodium retention often develops as a result of diminished kidney function, typically resulting in swollen feet and ankles. Non medical home care experts, however, stress that this symptom is also seen in conditions such as chronic leg vein problems, liver disease or cardiovascular disease.

Metallic Taste in the Mouth

When the kidneys stop working properly and waste builds up in the blood, people may experience a bad taste in the mouth. However, this symptom can also develop due to medication use, especially in seniors treating kidney stones, arthritis or high blood pressure.

Shortness of Breath

While it may indicate other conditions too, shortness of breath can be a result of fluid buildup in the lungs and anemia. This symptom is usually present in the later stages of kidney disease.

To maintain good kidney health or diagnose kidney disease while it is still in its earliest phases, you or your loved one should perform regular screening tests. If the tests confirm kidney disease, a kidney specialist known as a nephrologist will determine the best course of treatment and recommend certain lifestyle changes.

With the help of family members and non medical home care, you or your loved one can slow down the advancement of the disease and lead an active life. 

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