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Starting the Care Services Conversation with Senior Loved Ones in Fairfield, CA

Comfort Keepers encourages families to discuss care options early and discuss care services decisions with senior loved ones

There are a lot of misconceptions about senior care services. Many people have trouble understanding exactly what senior home care is and how it can help them stay independent. Mistakenly, many seniors believe that having a caregiver around will actually mean that they are no longer independent.

Non-medical care services can significantly improve a senior's life. A lot of this feeling has to do with the fact that once your loved one has a professional caregiver around, they will have the constant support needed to do the things they want, every day. They will no longer need to feel stressed out that they are being a burden. Those concerns fly out the window with a professional caregiver.

Nonetheless, bringing up care services with seniors is often a difficult task. Many older adults attach a lot of pride to being able to live on their own. Through over two decades of helping children and loved ones of seniors approach the topic, Comfort Keepers has learned that the best thing to do is go into the conversation having done as much research as possible.

You need to be able to address all of your loved one's concerns about in-home care services. Find out as much as you can about the senior care options that are available in your loved one's area. If you have the time, call up each agency, talk to them about your loved one and find out how they can help them.  

It is important to pay attention to when and where this conversation happens. Your loved one should be as comfortable as possible, but the conversation should not take place during a family dinner being held for another purpose like the holidays. You should have the rest of your family there, but they should be there to support you and your loved one.

However, having your loved ones there does not mean you should all join in at once. One person should be in charge of leading the conversation. The most important part of talking with your loved one about senior care is that you remain open and truly listen to their opinions.

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